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Annoying Orange Wiki was launched in June 17, 2010‎ by Greg Heffley. At that time, the wiki was relatively small, garnering only a few more contributors. While the wiki was being started, there was only one thing in mind: making the best, most reliable, and cleanest reference source about The Annoying Orange. The Wiki started to grow drastically when Danny, the wiki's special and smart user, and Bryce, started to contribute. Because of their participation, the wiki's persistent vandalism and spam has been erasing quicker and easier. Please help the wiki by cleaning up vandalism and building up stubs. Thank you for your participation!

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Angel Orange

Angel Orange is the minor character of Annoying Orange. He is orange's good side. He is the rival of Evil Orange. His first and single appearences is "Cruel as a Cucumber" (read more...)

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Feel the Burn is the Annoying Orange episode.

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AO EggplantAnimated

The Eggplant's Animation version.

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