Little Apple
Midget Apple
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Midget Apple, Mini Munchkin Man, Midget Munchkin Man, etc.
Species: Apple
Age: Same like Marshmallow
Friends: Orange, Pear, Marshmallow (best friend), Passion Fruit, Grapefruit (sometimes), nad Grandpa Lemon.
Enemies: His friends (He is hate while they're calling him "Midget Apple".)
Relatives: Mama Apple (mother)
Mini Little Apple (younger brother)
First Appearance: Crabapple
Performed by: Dane Boedigheimer
Color Scheme
skin cloth other

Little Apple, or sometimes called Midget Apple, is a character that appears in Crabapple.


65 - Midget Apple

The character is depicted as an abnormally small Red Delicious apple, the third Red Delicious apple after the one in Wazzup! (Season 1) and the other in TMNA (also in Season 1). He is the first Red Delicious apple to appear in Season 2. As shown multiple times, he does not like being called a midget, but likes to be called "Little Apple" and other synonyms of 'little' (as posted on Facebook).



The character first appeared as a joke filler in Crabapple. After Orange saw Crabapple, he thought that he was a midget apple, but Crabapple said that Midget Apple was a midget apple, making him say "We prefer the term 'Little Apple', thank you very much.". Midget Apple then sees Crabapple's death as Plumpkin lands and crushes him. Plumpkin says he thought he sat on a midget apple, which was really Crabapple, making Midget Apple "It's Little Apple!".

Wazzup 3: Bonsai TreeEdit

Midget Apple made his second appearance in Wazzup 3. He then arrived in the party saying "You didn't start the party without me, did ya?" then joining the Wazzup! chain.

Happy Birthday!Edit

Midget Apple arrives at Orange's birthday party, but is inside a cupcake. Then Marshmallow comes in wanting to know who is inside the cupcake. The cupcake then starts burning, then Pear blows it, revealing Midget Apple, then Midget Apple and Marshmallow become friends.


Midget Apple is in the kitchen along with Orange, Yellow Bell Pepper, Gourd and Carrot. He then disappears, making the rest notice. After Frankenfruit and the Halloweenie are gone, Midget Apple then appears in the kitchen again saying he went to the bathroom.

Theme Song Attack!Edit

Midget Apple and Marshmallow are seen writing theme songs.

Viral VoteEdit

Midget Apple and Marshmallow are seen counting votes for Annoying Orange parody videos.

Annoying Orange meets Charlie the UnicornEdit

Midget Apple is with Pear to see Charlie. They carry parachutes in their suitcases to have a safe landing.

Equals Annoying OrangeEdit

Midget Apple has a brief appearance in a clip from AO Meets Charlie The Unicorn interviewed by Orange.

Wishful ThinkingEdit

It is shown in the alternate universe without Orange that Midget Apple would have beaten up Grapefruit. Then when Orange is back in his home universe, he says Mandy is not dating Midget Apple, with her saying "Midget Apple's single?". Midget Apple and the gang then celebrate Christmas.

The Amnesiac OrangeEdit

Due to Cantaloupe's huge weight, Balloon popped, and deflated on the pepper shaker. Midget Apple is seen covered up in a blanket, while the pepper from the pepper shaker falls on Marshmallow. Marshmallow then sneezes on Midget Apple making him fall on the floor and have a concussion, making Cantaloupe say bad things about him.